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Mentoring, Advice and Pattern Service

Mentoring & Advice: Welcome
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Learn to make Mail: Mentoring, Advice and Pattern Service

Learning how to make Mail

There are mail makers and people who make mail, aim be the former!

If you are mad enough to want to learn how to make it yourself, I can teach you:

  • basic mail making

  • drifting

  • riveted mail (early pin, wedge, late pin, staple)

  • watershed

  • tailoring

  • Oriental (Kusari)

Mail restoration:

  • ethics

  • methods

  • does and don'ts

You will need patience.

The more you practice, the better you will become.

But there is always more to learn.

Advisory Service

I can offer advice on any projects you are undertaking. either by phone, e-mail, skype or in-person on tailoring, ring size, construction or any other questions you might have.

Pattern service

I can draw up a pattern for you to assist with your project and make it less daunting.

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