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Mail Making and Tailoring

Mail Making & Tailoring: Welcome
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Mail Making

For many years, the trend has moved towards imported mail because it is cheap. The result is that it’s become the norm to think of mail as plate armour’s poorer cousin and that poorly-tailored, ill-fitting mail will do. This is not the case! Mail is part of the foundation of any armour - if it doesn't fit properly the whole armour won't function as it should.

“Better is the enemy of good.” 

True, well-made mail bears little resemblance to the imported variety.  The fact that some people have started trying to copy the manufacture and tailoring of this new mail is quite alarming.

So, for those who prioritise safety, comfort and an authentic look rather than heavy, ill-fitting, inaccurate mail, these are the services offered.  

Services offered for imported mail

  • minor/major repair

  • size/ length alteration

  • decoration

  • redesign (coats, coifs, ventails, voiders, sleeves, standards, braiets, skirts, chauses, sabatons, aventails)

  • neck

  • shoulders

  • armpit

  • sleeves

  • skirt

or a complete rebuild, either from scratch or panels.

Mail Making & Tailoring: About
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