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Teaching, Lectures and Demonstrations

I have been teaching at Windsor and Alnwick Castles, as well as schools, both public and private for many years, bringing another dimension to the pupils understanding of the aspects of medieval life that books can struggle to convey.

I work alongside the teacher’s program, in partnership with them to enthuse the students and making them want to discover more.

Universities require a more in-depth approach, but this does not mean it has to be boring.

Like any form of education, the more you learn, the more you want to learn.

I have worked for various universities, including Canterbury and Cardiff where I did a mail making and restoration talk (inadvertently starting Mr Parkes down the dark path of mail making!)

Talks can be done in or out of historical clothing. Sometimes doing talks and displays in costume can help the audience to understand and immerse themselves more easily. If you prefer, it can even be performed in a medieval tent with set dressing.

Talks are generally done with props (arms and armour, tools and other historically accurate items) but Powerpoint or Zoom can also be employed.

For many years I have taken part in living history events (not to be confused with re-enactment), as everything from a wandering pilgrim to a full mail making and arms and armour display. So if you want a mail maker for your castle, historical event, craft fair or any other event, please get in touch.

Teaching & Demos: Welcome

Windsor Castle

A Regular in the Summer Season

I teach "Awesome Arms and Armour" to schools that come to Windsor Castle and also spend several weekends over the summer giving talks to the general public.

Sword and Spear
Waiting for the hordes to defend on Windsor Castle
Ready for the public
Teaching & Demos: Gallery

Alnwick Castle

I regularly present teaching days at Alnwick Castle, teaching staff and the public about mail making, arms and armour.

I bring a large range of armour, weapons, shields and other items with me from my extensive collection.

Teaching & Demos: Gallery


I bring history to life using replica arms, armour and other historical artefacts, which can be as short as an hour or as long as a full day. Children get to role play, try on armour and handle weapons and shields, etc.

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Teaching & Demos: Gallery
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